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The weekly group led by facilitators Paula Baker and Tess Marotta will provide you the opportunity to discover how you can choose peace regardless of your current life circumstances. In other words, you leave the story behind, and take the feeling of peace with you, essentially ending the cycle of "renting too much mental space" to past events or future situations which may or may not occur. You can experience freedom and inner equanimity which allows you to focus on what matters to you today.

By choosing peace intentionally, we now know we can change the neural pathways in our brain, so our choice has a lasting effect. We begin to choose peace more often and recognize peace as a choice we can make, moment by moment. Our lives become more peaceful as does the world around us. We can choose to have peace of mind as our only goal.

Over the next 11 weeks -

  • Learn about the Twelve Principals of Attitudinal Healing
  • Share this experience of peace and embrace the wholeness of each of us
  • Learn about how to choose peace through Attitudinal Healing allowing you a fresh start
  • Choose to not let my past circumstances control your life

"I believe there is another way of looking at life that makes it possible for us to walk through this world in love, at peace, and without fear" ~ Jerry Jampolsky, founder of Attitudinal Healing